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and I said awesome...

Our first game (Deerfield Beach High School - South FL) was yesterday and it ended up being a really awesome one... Junior year, I'm 7th off the bench and it's kinda crappy. Though we have a huge team and the starters are awesome, I still kind of felt left out. Until the game started :]

5 minutes after the swim off I get in... 2 steals... than a broken nose practically, get kicked out, switched to let freshman get it. I get back in third quarter and it was all me. Played my new position which I've been training myself in... Set :] I think I've done an awesome job cause I made two fantastic backhands which ended up ending the game 13-0 at the end of the third quarter.... (had another one but it hit bottem crossbar and floated out... lame) Yeah I know, only three quarters... but it's usapolo rule # 3147128748912748917298 that if one team is 10pts+ the other team, than the other team can decide to quit or play a fourth quarter. Obviously they weren't going to score and made us upset to hear that they quit.

So we gave them a good hoorah and switched caps with the boys.

Today at practice ... Coach - "...with a performance like that last night from Heather, I have to put her in as a starter, there's no other way..." That felt really nice. No. Spectacular :] By the way, I was in our major paper down here in FL... it's nice seeing my name in bold print :D

Right now we are #2 in district... Top 8 in our state. We'll be one in our district this year... It's inevitable! lol and as for states... Hopefully we don't have to play Gulliver first like last year!

But first game stats are good so far. 13- 0. Our boys won also, ending with 13-5 (mind you we only have ONE returning boy!)The rest are fresh to the game... but still awesome!

This is going to be a good year... I can feel it. :D
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